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7:41 AM Posted by Bits from a Brit

In our world of Mommy Bloggers and Momprenuers it is great to find a stay at home Daddy who has an at home business. Andy, father of two, started Sandbox Threads specializing in cool baby clothes, onesies and t-shirts and his designs are original & fun. He has designs for every taste and something to suit every childs personality.

We love this great selection of kids clothes over at Sandbox Threads. My Angel has the Future President T-Shirt which is perfect for her, and it washes great which is perfect for me. I think we also need to order the Girls get Dirty Too design as lately she is into everything that involves being Dirty!

So please go over to and check out Andy's great designs!


  1. Crystal said...

    These shirts are great!! i love the 'girls get dirty too' - perfect for my daughter :) and the 'milk & cookies bff'...too funny!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    Wow. I can't believe how many designs they have that I love. My favorite is the meditation tree design! I also love Peace and Coexist.

  3. Kristin said...

    OMG I love the My Masa is For Obama shirt! So cute, although there are many others. Love the Daddy fixture one. haha!

  4. Kristin said...

    Utt ohh my email.

    delandkristin@ but it's in my profile! :)

  5. Cuddle Cottage said...

    Too cute! I love 'It is hard to stay clean in a world full of dirt' :)

  6. Ginny said...

    What a darling site, I am so in love with the Fairy & Dandelion top & it comes in a big enough size for my dd. I may have just found a Xmas present!

  7. jenny said...