Superbowl Parties on a Budget

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We are all struggling right now due to the bad economy, everyone we know has been affected in one way or another. We decided to put together some great tips, recipes and ideas to host a great Superbowl Party on a Budget, so even in these tough times we can all still get together with friends and family for a great American tradition.


Superbowl Potluck Templates

An evite or email is a cost effective way to send out an invitation, just look for one with a football theme

Decorate with flags and other signs of your favorite football team

Use plastic footballs as bowls for chips and dips

Put out a large tray with chicken wings and pigs in a blanket

Order a few pizzas and a salad

If you have kids at the party, give away sports bottles as favors for them.

Fill with different sport items, don't bother going crazy but some sportfruit snacks or something along those lines.

Get some black face paint and tell the kids there will be a face painting. Of course all you will be doing is adding the black football lines under theeyes but the kids think it is a huge hit.

Use your Jersery's as chair covers, and it doesn't matterif they are a winning team or not.

If you want balloons, pick your favorite teams colors and just make a fewgroupings of them in the room..groups of 5 tied to a football or a helmet inthe corner is always a nice touch.

Make little ham and cheese sandwiches shaped like footballs and a punch bowl and name it Touchdown.

Check out Entertaining Escapades for great Superbowl Tips and Recipes Ideas.

For an Adults only party group together with other families and hire 1 sitter rather than having each family hire a separate sitter - is a critically acclaimed event planning website that has helped hosts throw amazing Super Bowl parties since we launched in January 2007. Anyone can sign up for free.

Check out Celebrations' Super Bowl parties page, on which you'll find an article titled "Cheap Super Bowl Party"

We had so many great recipes that we wanted to share with you they need their own page! Click here to see some great Superbowl Recipe Ideas.

Stretching Your Meat Dollar from the American Meat Institute offers practical tips that people can use to stretch their meat dollar in a time of rising food prices - check it out here.

With Thanks to all the great submissions we received, you know who you are, we couldn't have done this without you!

Pediped - Contest

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We want to tell you about Alex's favorite pair of shoes from Pediped. This company is fabulous and the shoes are awesome. They are durable, flexible and fashionable for the fashionista in your family. Based in Nevada and founded in 2005, Pediped was founded by by a husband and wife team after their quest for the perfect soft-soled shoe for their baby daughter. Exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling have and Pediped one of the fastest growing children's footwear brands in the US!

They offer more than 80 designs. That's a shoe lovers heaven! This is Alex's pair, she is sat on my lap right now and she is so excited, she keeps saying "My Shoes" as she looks at the picture!

Pediped shoes are designed with love and made from ECO grade leather. Foam insoles and cushions provide for a comfortable fit and the heels are padded to absorb shock. The velcrofasteners are quick and easy to put on and they stay on. Pediped footwear is approved by physicians and applauded by families. Pediped has earned several awards including National Working Mother of the Year 2008, 2007 Consumers Report Best Baby Product, National Parenting 2008 Seal of Approval, etc.

Please visit for more information on these great shoes designed especially for little feet. Next time you are shopping for a new pair of shoes...look no further than Pediped.

The great folks at Pediped are giving away a pair of these awesome shoes to one of our readers. Just visit their site and let me know what your favorite style is. Leave your answer in a comment with your email address. For additional entries please post about this contest on your blog, email 5 people to tell them about this contest (copy me on the email), follow this blog or subscribe. For each additional entry please leave additional comments. Good luck!

Kuster K2 Winner..........

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The winner of our Kuster K2 Highchair giveaway is Amanda DeHaan - Congratulations!

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2009-01-20 22:11:00 UTC

Thanks to all those who entered - Many more contests coming soon!

Cart Stopper

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It is a great pleasure to introduce the Cart Stopper. This great device is a simple and effective way to stop runaway shopping carts. It reduces the risk of child injury and vehicle damage by securing the cart to your vehicle. The Cart Stopper is great for when you get out of the grocery store with a cart full of shopping and simply don't have enough hands to hold the cart and unload the groceries at the same time.

The Cart Stopper is compact and fits easily into your purse, diaper bag or in your car storage area.

This product is not only great for Parents, but is also a great item for the elderly, or anyone who wants the ease of unloading their groceries without the risk of the runaway cart!

We have a Cart Stopper to giveaway - Please leave me a comment telling me your favorite color of Cart Stopper to be entered to win. For one extra entry please post about this contest on your blog, or email 5 people (copy me on the email) telling them about this contest. Please leave a separate comment for additional entries. Ends Jan 31st 2009.

It's SOOO Cold Outside

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Having a really hard time tonight. It is SOOO cold outside all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and sleep. Hubby is already in bed (he get's up for work at 3:30am), my Baby Girl is sleeping and I wish I could curl up in her crib next to her. She has a really bad cold and I feel so bad, I wish there was really a magical Mommy kiss that could make it all better.

For the last hour I have been trying to work my way through the hundreds of emails for our Valentines Event. We have loads of great sponsors already and are gearing up ready for a big event filled with some fabulous gift ideas and even better - so many giveaways! This will be the biggest giveaway event we have had so be sure to join us - the Party starts Feb 1st. Pick up our Party Button from our sidebar and invite all your friends!

Now I'm going to curl under that blanket - hope everyone stays warm tonight.

Beauty Scoop

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We recently posted about Beauty Scoop - The Edible Beauty Accessory in our New Year New You Post and the link was mistyped. Please click here to check out Beauty Scoop.


Kuster Contest Extension

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We will be extending our Kuster Highchair Contest for one more week - Enter Now

Win a $500 JC Penny Gift Card on MomLogic

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Join MomLogic and enter to win a $500 JC Penny gift card! Click here to enter!
I am a Member of MomLogic and Featured Writer on Michigan MomLogic and it's a great community of incredible women! They offer news, health, beauty, fashion, celebrity news and chances to win great prizes! If you decide to join please list me as your referral and I'll get a chance to win a $250 shopping spree. Invite your friends to and you can get a chance to win too!

Morado Designs

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We are in love with these awesome blankets at Morado Designs. Alex has one and she has to share it with me. They are amazingly soft blankets and are super stylish too. I have shown her blanket off to friends and family and they all want one for themselves.

They have great designs, and look perfect in any room. Alex keeps hers in the Living Room and it is her snuggle blanket for when we cuddle on the sofa and watch TV.

They also have a great selection of other items: keepsake baby gifts, crib quilts and other unique baby items. They have the perfect Handmade Baby Items and specialize in custom embroidery.

Of all the Blankets we have, and as you all know Babies have a lot of blankets, this is our favorite.
Bits from a Brit highly recommends Morado Designs for Babies, Kids and Adults!

and the Winner is........

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The Winner of our Lands End Contest is:



New Year - New You

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Welcome to New Year New You, filled with some great beauty products, organic items and ways to help yourselves and the environment.

Beauty Scoop is a great "Edible Beauty Accessory", just add the the drink of you choice for great beauty improvements. Treat yourself in the New Year with great Beauty.

Fabkins are great re-usable Napkins for Kids, encourage your kids to generate less waste and help our Planet. They have a bunch of different designs for all occasions.

Funky Monkey Snacks are great all natural dried fruit snacks for kids, in lots of great flavors I am sure they will be a big hit with your kids, just as they were with my Daughter.

Weiman E-Tronic Wipes are cleaning wipes that will keep TV's clean from those kiddy finger prints, they work great on our HDTV, available in Target, Kmart and True Value.

Dilmah’s 100% Ceylon Teas offer quality and refreshment to anybody who is used to their ritual daily cup of tea, every glass provides known positive affects like helping to fight aging, and energy rejuvenation.

Steaz’s “Spakling Green Teas” are all natural certified organic beverages, which promote energy and wellness. The world’s first USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified™ energy drink and sparkling green tea.

Crispy Cat candy bars are perfect for any adult who can appreciate a healthy lifestyle for themselves or their children while satisfying their sweet tooth. These candy bars are at least 70% organic depending on which bar, and covered in delectable organic dark chocolate with crispy rice.

McSweet provides fresh, handpicked, pickled vegetables that are so delicious that most of them are eaten straight out of the jar.

Kohinoor offers instant access to healthy, ethnically fare, and restaurant quality food in mere minutes. This gourmet line of all natural, 100% vegetarian frozen food perfect for all people on the go.

La Vita Health Foods, a leader in the healthy gourmet snack food sector, has announced the launch of La Vita All Natural Crunchy Cookies, a new line of sugar- and gluten-free, low fat, dairy-free, prebiotic biscuits that are a good source of fiber.

EcoStore USA is an extension of a 20 year old New Zealand company( that makes eco friendly, plant based products that contain NO NASTYCHEMICALS(tm). A large range of products from Baby Care, Personal Care and Pet Care, to Household Cleaning Products.

“A Mother’s Promise”, a Facebook community supported by Evenflo, is focused on bringing moms together in a quest to keep children safe while on the road. Supporting “A Mother’s Promise” is free, super simple, and only takes a moment.

BuddhiWear offers eco-friendly casual and sportswear with a flare for Yoga, Pilates, Energy Healing, the Environment, and all things Positive. They offer apparel for the entire family women, men, children, and babies. The garments are super soft, organic, green, and sweatshop labor free.

Get Buttoned Up in 2009. They have a great selection of organizers for everyone and every area of your life.

We're Back!

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Well, you will see that things have been quiet here since Christmas. We took a few days off during the Holidays and then our DSL was disconnected in error by AT&T. Let me tell you it has been very difficult having no Internet access for over a week, I guess we don't realize how much we rely on it until it is gone. We are now back up and running so you will see lots of things coming in the next few days.

We would like to say a big Congratulations to Shanda and Rusty at Parents with Style. They are expecting a new Baby in August. CONGRATULATIONS! We hope the sickness stage will be over soon!