Superbowl Parties on a Budget

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We are all struggling right now due to the bad economy, everyone we know has been affected in one way or another. We decided to put together some great tips, recipes and ideas to host a great Superbowl Party on a Budget, so even in these tough times we can all still get together with friends and family for a great American tradition.


Superbowl Potluck Templates

An evite or email is a cost effective way to send out an invitation, just look for one with a football theme

Decorate with flags and other signs of your favorite football team

Use plastic footballs as bowls for chips and dips

Put out a large tray with chicken wings and pigs in a blanket

Order a few pizzas and a salad

If you have kids at the party, give away sports bottles as favors for them.

Fill with different sport items, don't bother going crazy but some sportfruit snacks or something along those lines.

Get some black face paint and tell the kids there will be a face painting. Of course all you will be doing is adding the black football lines under theeyes but the kids think it is a huge hit.

Use your Jersery's as chair covers, and it doesn't matterif they are a winning team or not.

If you want balloons, pick your favorite teams colors and just make a fewgroupings of them in the room..groups of 5 tied to a football or a helmet inthe corner is always a nice touch.

Make little ham and cheese sandwiches shaped like footballs and a punch bowl and name it Touchdown.

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With Thanks to all the great submissions we received, you know who you are, we couldn't have done this without you!


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