Cart Stopper

6:01 PM Posted by Bits from a Brit

It is a great pleasure to introduce the Cart Stopper. This great device is a simple and effective way to stop runaway shopping carts. It reduces the risk of child injury and vehicle damage by securing the cart to your vehicle. The Cart Stopper is great for when you get out of the grocery store with a cart full of shopping and simply don't have enough hands to hold the cart and unload the groceries at the same time.

The Cart Stopper is compact and fits easily into your purse, diaper bag or in your car storage area.

This product is not only great for Parents, but is also a great item for the elderly, or anyone who wants the ease of unloading their groceries without the risk of the runaway cart!

We have a Cart Stopper to giveaway - Please leave me a comment telling me your favorite color of Cart Stopper to be entered to win. For one extra entry please post about this contest on your blog, or email 5 people (copy me on the email) telling them about this contest. Please leave a separate comment for additional entries. Ends Jan 31st 2009.


  1. jnandrews said...

    My favorite color is the pink cart stopper.

  2. Carolyn G said...

    I like the pink one

  3. Belinda said...

    Neat idea! I like the red.

  4. Staci said...

    I like the blue. These are such a great idea!

  5. Anonymous said...
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