Haute Boyz

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Bits from a Brit and Parents with Style think the line of clothes at Haute Boyz is awesome!
They have the greatest designs with slogans such as "Dump Him I'm Hotter" and "Chicks Dig Me" to "Stop Blogging Me" and "Millionaire in Training".
The quality of these clothes is great, they are soft to the touch and durable. Little boys get into everything and create a big mess and these shirts hold up to all that wear and tear. They also have some great holiday designs for Halloween and Christmas.
You won't be disappointed with these great quality and highly stylish boys clothes!

Some more from their site:

Jill Hoffman and Kim Marquis are two busy moms from Orange County California. With two active families and seven children collectively, they were ambitious shoppers always looking for the latest and greatest. On a mission to find hip and fun clothes for their boys, they found themselves less than excited. So, what to do? They started their own company in the summer of 2006. Haute Boyz was developed by Jill and Kim to meet the desires of moms and stores alike.
Since Haute Boyz debut, it has continuously exploded, and it’s showing up around the country in specialty boutiques. With help from rep Randee Arneson at the California Mart in Los Angeles California, Haute Boyz is making it’s mark on the map. Expanding all the time, Haute Boyz is offering hip togs for boyz who want to make a statement!


  1. Anonymous said...

    That's so clever. That baby with the onesie is cracking me up!

  2. Sandra said...

    Those are hilarious!