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7:29 AM Posted by Bits from a Brit

I am so excited to introduce you to Alex's new friend Piper. She has to be the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. These dolls really are amazing. They are the kind of dolls that look real and have beautiful hair that is washable and stylable. She is almost as tall as Alex!

Take a look as this picture - isn't she gorgeous?

I must sound kind of crazy...I mean who would go on and on about how gorgeous a doll is? Trust me - You just have to see them for yourself! I am making it my mission to buy Alex on of each of these dolls for her World Collection. The collection includes Piper from Australia, Ling from China, Zoe from the USA, Gia from Italy, Lulu from Kenya and Pita from Mexico.

Best of all purchasing these dolls means you are giving to Charity too. Karito means Charity, and every doll has a passcode so you can go online with your child and they can choose where the money goes. It all goes to helping other children and your child gets to decide where. I think this is great, not only does your child get the doll and book, they also learn about how special it is to give to others in need.

Please, please, please go take a look for yourself and add them to your Christmas list this year. Not only are you giving a gift to someone you love, you are also giving a gift to a child in need.


Take a Dive Down Under this Summer with Piper

Introducing the newest Karito Kid - Piper Whelan of Sydney, Australia. Piper, who enjoys surfing and volunteers as a junior lifeguard, is also an activist and likes to open the minds of her friends and family through her chapter book Sydney Scandal. In her hard-bound fictional book, she chronicles her adventures as she discovers sea creatures washing up on the shore of Bondi Beach and describes how she helps solve the mystery to save the local whales and dolphins. Piper also shares an 8 page journal of interesting facts about Australia.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I think these can rival American Girl dolls, don't you?

  2. Ginny said...

    Those dolls are very pretty aren't they. You don't sound crazy, I can go on & on about dolls as well. Some are just made so well!