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Meet Alex's new friend!
This is Lencho The Lion, her new Zoobie Pet.

These stuffed animals are more than they appear. They are a pet, a pillow and a blanket all in one! They have a great selection of animals, we chose the Lion as that's Alex's favorite animal!

The body of the animal and the blanket are so soft, I love it and want one of my own! When I Alex and I lay down on her bedroom floor and read stories I always have Lencho to cuddle with (Alex is not in the cuddly stage right now!). We will be bringing Lencho of vacation with us next week.

It is a great all around product that will entertain your child, soothe them and keep them warm and comfortable all in one. Another one of my favorites is the Pink Hippo!

They have recently expanded their selection and now have Baby Zoobies, Zoobies and Jumbo Zoobies. They have animals in the Safari Collection and the Zoo Collection.

The Baby Zoobie has a blanket size of 29"x24"

The Regular Zoobie has a blanket size of 53"x 34"

The Jumbo Zoobie has a blanket size of 91"x59"

Check out some of the other great animals and order one for your munchkin (or yourself!) http://www.zoobiepets.com/


  1. Sandra said...

    That is just precious!

  2. Anonymous said...

    I love Ellema the elephant!