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To all of my loyal readers....I am hoping you will find it in your hearts to help us raise money for the Gal to Gal Foundation! We want to hit at least $250,000 to help fight Stage IV Breast Cancer. Myself and Shanda from Parents with Style are hosting this event here in Michigan to help raise money for this cause. Breast Cancer has affected so many of us, my Mum had it and has now been cancer free for 10 years.

The virtual walk Starts on Weds. Oct. 1st and what I am asking is for you to go to both sites and and, and donate $5.00 to our team to help us meet our goal. Once you create a GAL FOR YOURSELF and a GUY for the man in your life..join our virtual walk.

For those who will sign up and donate using our teams name "TEAM BELISI" you will be able to send me an email with a link to your site or blog for a month of free advertising/traffic. This is a huge event and we want to raise a ton of money. COME ON AND HELP US OUT PLEASE!.. It is so easy to do!!!

We have a ton of awesome door prizes also..for all of those who donate to our team will receive a ticket for each $5.00 donation. HINT!! We have some Flip cameras and a Karito Doll...not to mention a ton of other door prizes. So email me at I will need your name, blog or site name, and your URL.


Claire and Shanda


  1. Anonymous said...

    I wish I could help but I'm fully committed to my sister's team. But it's all going to the same cause so that's great! I'm glad you're participating too!