Clorox Anti Allergen Fabric Spray

4:33 PM Posted by Bits from a Brit

We received this Anti Allergen Spray from the gals over at Mom Central and I used it before my guests arrived for the Gal to Gal Party yesterday. We have a Lab that is in the habit of sleeping on the sofa so any help we can get is great!

This gentle and effective formula helps neutralize up to 90 percent of common indoor allergens* that can hide in upholstery and fabrics throughout the house. The formula works by changing the structure of allergen proteins, rendering them inactive. The fragrance-free, dye-free spray is safe on virtually all fabrics and gentle enough to use around kids and pets. Not recommended on fabrics that are prone to water spotting such as leather, wool, silk and mohair.

Neutralizes up to 90% of allergens*
Gentle enough to use around kids and pets
Safe on virtually all fabrics**