Wow Wow Wubbzy

5:59 PM Posted by Bits from a Brit

Alex is such a huge fan of Wow Wow Wubbzy, she loves it. It is such a cute show, always teaching things about friendship.

Wow Wow Wubbzy has a new DVD - A Little Help from my Friends. Alex already watched this a few times through and asks for it all the time.

The DVD features six great episodes, all focused on the important values of friendship. This theme takes center stage as Wubbzy, a fun, lovable, curious little guy and his Wuzzleburg pals search for a lost Wiggle Wrench, escape a runaway Doodleberry Cake, build a Super Robot, teach Walden to boogie, and work hard for Wuzzleburg trophies. Together they discover the importance of positive values like confidence, cooperation, teamwork and above all, the meaning of friendship. The DVD extras also include two bonus episodes, music video, Kooky Kostume game, activities and sneak peeks.