Potty Training

8:06 AM Posted by Bits from a Brit

We have just started potty training Alex and many think she is still too young, she will be 2 in two weeks. She has already shown interest in going potty and has been going occasionally, and asking to go, for a good few months now. We had a girls shopping trip this weekend and she picked out her first few pairs of Big Girl underwear. Yesterday was the first day wearing them and she did really good in the morning, only one accident, and two accidents in the afternoon.

I found this Johnson's article on Potty Training and I will be using some of the tips: http://www.johnsonsbaby.com/article.do?id=46&CMP=EMC-LFTDA

We will keep you updated on her progress and any useful tips we find along the way! Please feel free to leave comments with any tips you have found, the more help the better!
(This is not Alex pictured above, but I think the picture is so cute!)


  1. Linda! said...

    It's not to early to begin. In fact, up until the invention of the disposable diapers in the 1960's, 95% of all babies in the US were potty trained by 18 months.

    Since then, parents have been told by pediatricians hired by the diaper companies to "wait" until their child is ready. Babies are happy in their comfortable diapers. The result? Most children in the US are now potty trained between the ages of 3 and 4.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics says that babies are ready by 18 months. So you can start now - guilt free!

    Best wishes in your potty-training adventures ahead.

    Linda Easton

  2. Michelle said...

    Good luck! I agree that children are training later and later...I had hoped to train my older daughter around 2, but her new sister put the endeavor on the back burner. We've been having a lot of luck over the past few weeks, but I'm really hoping to make it a focus and have it done by the end of March!