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9:37 AM Posted by Bits from a Brit

Product Reviews on Bits from a Brit:

If you are a PR rep for products that you think our readers should know about, someone who makes products that are simply awesome, or an indie designer looking to get the word out about your amazing product, we would love to hear from you! We are more than happy to post product reviews and/or reader giveaways. Our readers have come to appreciate our recommendations and are thrilled when we tell them about a wonderful product!

Send us an email at, describing the product you would like to submit for a giveaway or review, include a link to your website, and please specify to which age group the item best appeals. When contacted about product reviews, we will inform you of our interest, and forward you our address.

While we do not charge for product reviews, we do require a sample for all reviews. The sample will not be returned, and you will be responsible for any shipping costs involved. After receiving your product samples, we will each consider it for review. We will then notify you if we are going to feature your product, we may decide not to review your product because it simply does not resonate with our bloggers or work for our families. Moreover, we are incredibly candid in the reviews we post, we do often sometimes critique products just as we praise others. We aim for balanced and thoughtful reviews.

I often have family members and close friends review products for Bits from a Brit. That said, please specify if you would prefer that I review your product personally.