Tilty Cups

1:16 PM Posted by Bits from a Brit

Tilty is a great new sippy cup designed to help baby learn how to drink. Tilty is designed by parents and recommended by pediatricians. The ergonomic design makes it the easiest cup to use, and the snap on lid keeps messes to a minimum.
Tilty is DYE Free, BPA Free, PVC Free, Pthalate Free, pure polypropylene, and is dishwasher safe.

Alex is now 2 and loves her Tilty Cup. I love that this cup can be used by babies and toddlers. I feel like I have had to buy Alex so many different cups for the different stages in her life when the Tilty Cup could have been the one and only, saving money!

The Tilty Cup is very reasonably priced at $6 for a two pack - available at http://www.tiltycup.com/