Bella Sara

2:56 PM Posted by Bits from a Brit

About Bella Sara:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bella Sara, a trading card game that's complemented by the magical online land of North of North -- home to the beautiful horses pictured on Bella Sara trading cards. Bella Sara has captured the hearts of young girls across the country, offering positive, inspirational messages and selling more than 83 million cards to date. This June, Bella Sara is expanding its line of trading cards for girls with Royalty, the ninth series in the popular brand. For the first time ever, Sara, herself, is introduced and the series feature even more horses and more fun than ever before -- all with just one code!

Team Mom sent me two packs of Bella Sara Royalty cards to review - they are so cute. These trading cards are geared towards little girls ages 5 and up, I think little girls are going to love Bella Sara.

Each pack of Royalty cards include 5 cards, 1 ticket card, 1 tattoo card, and 1 sticker card. Each card has a beautiful picture of a horse along with some information about the character. There is also a ticket card with a code which allows to to get horses, horseshoes and more at And the tattoo and stickers cards are just adorable too!