Clicktoy - The Meadow

7:08 PM Posted by Bits from a Brit

Clicktoy was created by a Dad who wanted a fun & interactive game for his own children. He created this game with beautiful 3D illustrations, music, sounds and activities. This is fun and easy Windows PC interactive software for children ages 1 and up.

Thanks to the ClickSafe technology you can feel safe knowing that your kids can play within a contained computer environment, without the risk of accidentally encountering anything else on the computer.

The Meadow is the first PC game for toddlers that safely transforms the computer into a safe, fun and easy toy. Toddlers can press any key to navigate this virtual pop-up book populated with familiar animals in their natural habitat. Clicktoy is interactive animated wholesome story time for families.
Clicktoy Interactive Inc., based in Vancouver, Canada, is run by parents who specially develop, produce and publish toddler-appropriate software using the latest in graphics and real-time animation technology - safely turning the personal computer into a toy.
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