Puppy Plays

2:37 PM Posted by Bits from a Brit

Puppy Plays The Classics is a great DVD for Pre-School aged children. They learn the value of friends, generosity, empathy and loyalty, each episode showcases classical music from great composers such as Mozart and Wagner. The lovable Lab Puppy Ollie dreams up adventures for all his friends, the cutest of actors! These adorable Pups teach lifetime lessons to children, showing things through their eyes in a world full of puppies.

Puppy Plays, the series, have 12 more specials coming soon that further expose young children to life lessons and educational subjects such as classic fairy tales, great painters, geography, mathematics, holiday traditions and much more.

My Daughter and her "puppy", our 4 year old Lab, sat and cuddled, watching this together. It almost made me want to rush out and get another puppy! I loved that adoption of pets was something that was shown in this DVD. I am a big believer of giving homes to animals who need one, such as from animal shelters, before looking at breeders.

A great DVD that stands out from the norm!

This DVD is available at http://www.puppyplays.com/ and http://www.amazon.com/