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SnackerTracker is a wonderful nutritional guide designed to help parents and children learn how to eat healthy. It is a large magnet that sticks on your refrigerator, you and your child cross the items of the chart when they eat the right foods. We even have a pocket size SnackerTracker and Nutritional Guide that is great for on the go.

I have tried using this with my daughter, and although she is still too you to understand the concept of eating right, it helps me check that she is eating the right portions and getting everything she needs for a healthy diet. I think this is a great product and as my daughter grows I am sure it will help her to stay on the right track to living a healthier lifestyle.
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From Their Site:

At SnackerTracker we are dedicated to educating children and their parents about the benefits of eating right and exercising. That's why we created the only nutritional tracking system specifically designed with kids in mind. It starts at age 2 when critical eating habits are being formed.

The SnackerTracker Nutritional Tracking System comes with a SnackerTracker magnet that sticks to your refrigerator, the SnackerTracker Nutritional Guide that provides parents with detailed information about the nutritional needs of children at each stage of development and a dry erase marker that sticks to the refrigerator for easy tracking.

The SnackerTracker enables kids to track their food and exercise choices daily, while the Nutritional Guide takes the guess work out of nutrition for parents.

We believe that the path to healthy living starts at home and we are committed to creating educational tools that enhance, empower and educate the whole family.