Family Time Fun - Contest!

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Check out these FamilyTimeFun Dinner Games! A selection of great Family games that help you connect with your children as you spend quality time together. Let's face it, in today's fast paced world many families barely have time to sit down and enjoy a meal together. Other things seem to take your time and spending quality, fun time with your family becomes more challenging every day. That's why John, father of two children, created the FamilyTimeFun games.
FamilyTimeFun offers 3 Dinner Game products, each with fun and unique games to play while you eat! These games are quick, easy to play and add lots of fun to family meals. Beginner Dinner Games are for families with kids ages 3-6. Original Dinner Games are for ages 6-12. And the new Gather ‘Round Dinner Game with push-button action is for ages 5 and up.

Thanks to FamilyTimeFun we have one of their new Gather 'Round Dinner Games to giveaway! Please go to their site: and name one of the games listed on the Sample Games page. Leave your answer in a comment with your email address for a chance to win!

Check out even more reasons to take the time to spend family meal time with your kids:

There are not many things better for a family than to simply have meals together. Families, especially kids, benefit enormously from frequent positive family meals:

  • Improves family communication

  • Improves nutrition and eating habits

  • Improves literacy development among preschoolers

  • Develops a protective factor for adolescents against tobacco, alcohol, drugs and low grade point averages

The more meals your family has together, the more you'll enjoy these amazing benefits! And remember, keep the meals positive, lighthearted and fun.

More specifically, according to research by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University, children and teens who have frequent family meals:

  • Are at half the risk for substance abuse compared to teens who dine with their families infrequently

  • Are less likely to have friends or classmates who use illicit drugs or abuse prescription drugs

  • Have lower levels of tension and stress at home
  • Are more likely to say that their parents are proud of them

  • Are likelier to say they can confide in their parents

  • Are likelier to get better grades in school

  • Are more likely to be emotionally content and have positive peer relationships

  • Have healthier eating habits

  • Are at lower risk for thoughts of suicide

  • Are less likely to try marijuana or have friends who use marijuana


  1. Anonymous said...

    They have tons of sample games and the one that popped right out to me was called A, B, City. I know my family would really have tons of fun with this game!
    As always, thanks so much for this fun giveaway!

  2. Staci said...

    One of the sample games listed is Counting Moo. I'm sure my little one could have fun with that! We love playing games and this would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. windycindy said...

    Happy Tuesday! What a wonderful concept for games. Our family of four sits down almost every evening for dinner together. This game would add some punch to our meals! I really like the "Memory Game!" Please enter my name in your game giveaway drawing. Thanks.....Cindi

  4. Crystal said...

    What a great idea!! I think family dinner time is so important and this is such a neat way to make it fun! I like the 'What's in the oven mitt' game! lipinski.crystal{at}gmail[dot]com

  5. Stacy said...

    thumbs up game looks like fun.


  6. Bunny B said...

    Rainbow Dinner!! These games sound fun! Thanks!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  7. Sena said...

    Rainbow Dinner Game Card! Fun fun! :D


  8. CanCan said...

    "Rainbow Dinner" looks like something my 3 year old could do!

    onlycancan at hotmail dot com

  9. miss bliss said...

    My kids are too little for some of the games, but I think they could play "what's missing"...maybe we'll even try it tonight

  10. Wehaf said...

    "What's Missing" is one of the options! They are loads of them, though.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  11. Anonymous said...

    "Whats Missing?"


  12. Cuddle Cottage said...

    'What's Missing?' is one of the games listed!

  13. Gardening Mommy said...

    One of games is entitled "Counting Moo"--sounds like fun! Thanks for the chance to win!