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We love this child oriented Fitness Video! As some of you know I have one daughter who is 17 months old and very active! She loves this video from Fun Fit Kid - it entertains her whilst burning some of the amazing energy she has (If only Mommy had the same amount of energy!)

We do this workout video together and she keeps up with a lot of the steps and watches intently and the ones she can't quite master yet.... remember she is only a baby! Her favorite scene is where you lie on your back and kick your legs then jump up and hold hands and spin around with your partner, then repeat - she giggles the whole way through!

These are fun, quick exercises, with great animations and it gives your whole body a workout in only 20 minutes!

Bits from a Brit is proud to support Fun Fit Kid and we hope you will check out their site at and order one for yourself. A portion of all sales will be contributed to HAVEN, a non-profit organization promoting violence free homes.


Fun Fit Kid is an opportunity for you to interact with your children in a “fun, fit way”. Why not spend quality time with your children during exercise while teaching them the importance of health and fitness at a young age? This video will allow you to escape the day to day pressures of the “super Mom” syndrome while fulfilling your desire to be “fit” and providing your children with the same opportunity. We love making cookies together-maybe it is time we love exercising together!!! How wonderful to connect with your child and get back to the youthful you at the same time!
About the author/producer:
Kim McClellan is a licensed aerobic instructor with expertise in aerobics, cardiovascular conditioning, pilates and strength training. She has instructed both adults and children and designed a children’s fitness program for a nationally known fitness club. Kim also happens to be the mother of three young children and a CPA. The goal in producing this video is to provide mothers the opportunity to regain the level of fitness every busy mother should have and enjoy doing it with her children.
A portion of the proceeds from sales is contributed to HAVEN. HAVEN is a national non-profit organization promoting violence free homes.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Starting them young with exercise is the best idea! I'll bet this would be lots of fun.