Holiday Tips from Buttoned Up Inc

9:15 AM Posted by Bits from a Brit

The holidays are always crazy and chaotic, coordinating schedules, buying gifts, planning the family holidays, and attempting to stay on top of it all can be a full time job. The co-founders of Buttoned Up and authors of an authors of Everything (almost) in its Place (2008, St. Martin’s Press) are two working moms who understand the difficulty of "doing it all" and staying organized, can provide tips and solutions that help us all get over "organizational inertia" that stops us in our well-meaning tracks. Three basic tips will help you get thru the holiday season, and their newest products from Buttoned Up will be the perfect stocking stuffers, hostess gift or present for a colleague, friend or family member who has chosen this year’s New Year’s resolution to get organized.

Stay Buttoned Up this holiday season with these three tips:

#1: Don’t Forget Yourself

Despite the gifts you have to wrap, the meals you have to plan, and the parties you have to attend, don’t forget to take care of a very important person– yourself! Just because the holidays are a time for giving, doesn’t mean you have to neglect your own personal needs. So this holiday season make it a habit to do one nice thing for yourself. And if you have the need to give as well as receive, invite a few close friends along for the treat as well. Chances are, they will need a little bit of pampering just like you do!

#2: De-stress for Success

Even though the holidays are the most joyous time of the year, they can sometimes leave even the best of us a little frazzled. So this year, while you are caught up in holiday cheer, give yourself a few minutes each day to de-stress. Whether it be a five minute walk, calling up an old friend, or simply giving a giant hug to a loved one, do one thing each day that will leave you feeling stress free and content. By doing so, it will sure help to balance the rest of your day, no matter how long you will have on those lines at the mall.

#3: A Note (Or Two) of Thanks

Before we can bring in the New Year cheer, there is one last holiday component everyone must take care of – saying thanks! Instead of waiting until well after the gifts have been opened, and getting stuck with a store’s last licks, pick up a few boxes of thank you cards while you are out purchasing your holiday gifts. Having the cards on hand will keep you motivated to take care of them sooner than later; something you’ll surely thank yourself for once they are signed, sealed, and delivered.