How much TV is too much?

10:29 AM Posted by Bits from a Brit

My Daughter loves watching Noggin (especially Dora) and I sometimes wonder if I let her watch it too much. I thought there must be other Mom's out there that wonder the same thing - How much TV is too much? If it's Educational does it still count against TV time? Alex seems to learn so much from watching the "Educational" TV Shows, but I still wonder - is it too much?

I would love to hear the opinions of other Mom's out there. Let me know what your take is on TV. How much do you think is too much? How often and for how long do you let your kids watch TV? Do Educational shows count?

Let's start a Mom discussion - I would also love to know if you are an American or British Mom; maybe there are different views from Parents from different sides of the pond.


  1. Chelle said...

    I have lately been wondering the same thing! My 13 month old little girl LOVES Noggin. If I would let her? She would watch it all. day. long.

    Lately it's been colder and she has a cold, so it seems to fit...but like you said, how much is too much? I do turn it off throughout the day so she'll read, play with toys...but I wish I knew the exact amt of time she should watch tv?

    PS--American Mom here :)